#1 In The State For Best Public Schools

Let’s talk about the number one place to live not only in Middle Tennessee, but in the whole state of Tennessee. That would be a community just south of downtown Nashville about a 20 to 30 minute commute and it’s Brentwood Tennessee. Brentwood has two main exits off of i-65 Old Hickory and Concord Road and there’s housing on both sides of the road. So you have easy access to get north and south. It’s an easy commute to get to Nashville for any of the activities like the music or any of the sports like the Titans, the Nashville Predators or downtown. You’ve also got Broadway and all the music there.

Brentwood area has a lot of activity and it’s also ranked number one in the state for public schools. It is also ranked number one for the best place to live in Tennessee. It does have a high per capita income. It is one of the highest in the country. at 162k dollars per household. To buy a home there it’s a little more on the high end depending on where you’re coming from, if you’re coming from California it may still be on the low end but it’s about $650K as your average price of the home in Brentwood Tennessee. The cool thing about that is just south of Brentwood is a huge mall called Cool Springs Galleria it’s also got lots of restaurants and there’s a lot of medical offices. You name it, they’ve got it and they’ve got all the main retailers.



You're Almost In The Country..


The number two place you’re gonna go a little further south that’s going to be Franklin Tennessee, is really nice and it has a really small-town feel. It has a public square and they have a lot of activities there including bluegrass festivals, they have farmers markets, things like that, so Franklin is a little more rural. There’s a lot of big farms and ranches in the area and so it has a different feel than Brentwood but you’re further south so you got a long commute.


Nolensville located to the east of Brentwood, It has 8,000 residents at this time base growing like crazy and it’s got a lot of new home developments over there so if you’re looking for a new home build, Nolensville would be a really great place to look at right now. If there’s any downside to Nolensville it’s the actual traffic. It’s located in between I 24 and I 65 so to get to either one of those highways to get somewhere you’re going to have to go down some two-lane roads to get there sometimes that gets a little congested in that area. It is also one of the top places for public school systems because you’re still in Williamson County. So you’ve got Brentwood, Nolensville and you’ve also got Franklin that are all in that want to have a school district, also there are a lot of private schools in the area.

Thompson station located south of Franklin so you’re getting further away from Nashville, is another great place for a new building development, it’s growing like crazy there. also  a lot of retail and restaurants going into the Thompson station area it’s another great place for school districts and for family living.

Murfreesboro & Smyrna

Smyrna and  Murfreesboro are part of  Rutherford county. It’s on the southeast side of downtown Nashville on I 24 straight south. Murfreesboro is a college town, Middle Tennessee State University is there, have about around thirty thousand students so it’s  really big college campus. It’s a cool little place. The high school sports they’re some of the best in the state. Murfreesboro is a good choice